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The Leader


An important breakthrough in leadrope technology that finally solves the pullback problem.

Developed by a farrier through years of field testing under rigorous conditions, The Leader combines the finest materials and workmanship in its patented design. Endorsed by veterinarians and trainers, The Leader has a calming effect on horses that is truly remarkable!

The Leader is the only rope designed and made specifically for horses, which sets it apart from every other stretch lead on the market. Stronger and much safer, The Leader is not just another "bungie cord", whose breaking point means an explosive whiplash with potential major injury, and the very last thing you'd want in a tense "pullback" situation. The Leader incorporates a patented design, with a dacron cover over a solid core of special blend neoprene. If The Leader should fail, the energy built up stays on the inside of the rope, in other words the core is designed to break first and will then slide harmlessly through the dacron whiplash whatsoever, none.
Independent Lab Test Results

Directions for use:
1. Attach the Velcro strap around the rope. (See diagram on the product label)
2. Never attach Velcro straps around wrist or use as a handhold.
3. Do not quick release with The Leader fully extended.

Length: 5 Ft.

Maximum Stretch Length: 9 Ft.

Effective Tensil Strength Breakpoint: 2275 Lbs.

Made in the USA ~ Patent #4777784

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  • Manufactured by: Design Leader Corp.

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