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Grand Prix Leather Gloss


Grand Prix Leather Gloss is simply the best leather care product ever. It is not a conventional saddle soap. A unique HANDMADE blend of glycerine, coconut oil, natural fat and essential oils, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is effectively a moisturiser for leather, but with the added advantage of giving a terrific shiny non sticky / non slippery finish. Apart from the wonderful long lasting and non-sticky shine to help you stand out in the competition arena, it keeps the leather soft and supple. Grand Prix Leather Gloss has a great perfume which makes it a pleasure to use. AND it is so easy to use.

Unique 3 in 1 Action
Grand Prix Leather Gloss feeds, conditions and shines in one application. Simply apply it to leather cleaned of dirt, grease, mud etc. with a dry sponge and you will be astonished - it makes leather supple and soft and leaves it with a superb lasting and non-sticky shine.

Grand Prix Leather Gloss has been used on a variety of leather items with great success, customers have bought it for leather furniture, shoes, motorcycle gear, etc.

Grand Prix Leather Gloss is unique. In one application, it puts the natural moisture back into the leather, conditions it and leaves it with a deep, non-sticky, non-slippery shine. Grand Prix Leather Gloss does exactly what it says on the label.

For best results and best possible shine:

Apply Grand Prix Leather Gloss to leather cleaned of dirt and grease (warm water and sponge is best for cleaning off any mud / sweat / grease etc.)
Also remove any residue of previously used product(s) that might clog the pores of the leather and prevent the Leather Gloss from being absorbed.
Allow the leather to dry
Then apply Grand Prix Leather Gloss using a clean, dry sponge.

There are saddle soaps, there are leather dressings - then there is
Grand Prix Leather Gloss - It is a Revolution in Leather Care

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  • Manufactured by: Grand Prix Leather Gloss

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